A wealth of information written by customers that are happy to pass there knowledge on to you!
Get ready for some really neat tips, tricks and information about how to use Aves® proudcts!!!

Beginners Guide

Very helpful guide on using Apoxie® Sculpt; Article by ~ Rebecca Schumacher Sweeney

Fun with Aves

This is a great introduction/overview to learning about Apoxie® Sculpt; Article by ~ Tommy Allison

What type of tools to use

All about the different types of tools to use when working with Apoxie® Sculpt; Article by ~ Tommy Allison

Making a Plaque

Making a replica plaque out of Apoxie® Sculpt; Article by ~ Tommy Allison

The Making of Vargas

Extensive step-by-step tutorial showing the creation, molding & casting of a dragon sculpture; Article by ~ Dragonlord Sculptures

Action Figure Customization

Step-by-step article on customizing action figures; Article by ~ Jin Saotome

Building a Base with Clayshay

Step-by-step article on creating a base with Aves® Clayshay; Article by ~ Jin Saotome

How to Sculpt Hair

Step-by-step guide to sculpting hair for your action figures; Article by ~ Luke Porter

Repairing 'Lady Death'

The model kit repair of Lady Death using Aves® products; Article by ~  Erin Gerlach

Sun Dial Restoration

Items that are near impossible to replace are easily repaired with Aves® products; Article by ~ Erin Gerlach

3D Repairs

Family heirlooms; extensive ceramic Vase repair with Aves® proudcts; Article by ~ Erin Gerlach

Fixing an Outer Wing Droop

Model plane hobbiest; Repairing the Dreaeded KC 135 Outer Wing Droop; Article by ~ Chuck Davenport

Gourd Embelishment

Idepth guide for embelishing gourds & for first time users that want an overview of using & applying our products;
Article by ~ Sherry Goshon

One Twisted Tree

Creating an ornate custom tree using Apoxie® Clay; Article by ~ Forest Rogers

Fantasy Chairs

Create fantasy chairs for your figures using Apoxie® Sculpt; Article by ~ Jean Bernard

Doll Resoration

Modern Apoxie® restores an award winning doll; Article by ~ Dwaine Gipe

Feat of Clay

About Aves® Studio & how it all started; Article Published by ~ The St. Paul Pioneer Press

Antique Boar Restoration

Taxidermy repair article restoring a boar with Aves® products; Article by ~  Larry Wold; published by' Breakthrough' Magazine

Antler Repair

Antler repairing & colors using Apoxie® Sculpt; Article by ~ Larry Reese, Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy

Antler Repair with Fixit® Sculpt

Antler repair of a rat attacked monster non-typical coues deer using Fixit® Sculpt;  Article by ~ Erich Carter; published by Taxidermy Today Magazine

Custom Scale Rollers

Making a custom scale roller out of Apoxie® Sculpt. This technique can be used to make any type of custom impression roller; Article by ~ Dan Rinehart


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