"Shipping Rates"

How shipping cost is determined:

We currently offer the follow shipping methods on our website for both domestic and international customers.

Priority Mail (US Postal service)
UPS Ground

The examples below are meant to be a guide in how shipping costs are determined. All shipping methods/carriers including the US postal service determine weights using this type of information when shipping anything.

Aves® Example:  ¼ pound  = .25 pounds of strictly Aves® product. This ¼ pound does not include any of the product containers, outer wrapping/packaging or the weight of the shipping box/packing materials. A ¼ pound of straight product easily doubles in weight to ship. Regardless of the product weight all shipping companies will see this item as 1 pound and charge you accordingly. We do offer the US Priority flat rate envelopes and boxes which are based on a total weight AND that the items fit in the package to help reduce your costs..  

  • ¼ pound kits ship at 1 lb.
  • 1 pound kits ship at 2 pounds
  • 4 pound kits ship at 5 pounds
  • 5 pounds ships at 6 pounds
  • Two  - 4 pound kits ship at 9 pounds
  • 20 pound kits ship at 23 pounds
  • 25 pounds ships at 27 pounds
  • 50 pounds ships at 52 pounds

You can calculate the cost of your order by using the shipping calculators on the following web links:

USPS Calculator
UPS Calculator

If you have a an urgent order please contact our factory at 715-386-9097 and we can offer you alternative shipping methods to ensure you receive your order in the timeframe you need it.

We are happy to assist with questions or if you need help getting an estimate.

Please provide the following information about your order: include your shipping destination, and all the items/sizes you wish to order.

You can call us at 715-386-9097 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please note we do not have an instant messaging system so email questions will be answered the next business day. 


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