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Create solid, durable items that dry to a hard, flat finish without ovens, kilns or fumes! Critter Clay™ is a moist, water-based clay ready to use right out of the bag. Its great detail, fine texture, low shrinkage rate (0-1%), plasticity & handling features make it a perfect choice for students & artists of all ages & skill levels!

  • Naturally Hardens, No Bake ClayWater-based clay
  • Air dries; hard/flat finish
  • Soft & Pliable; Smooth even texture
  • Retains Excellent Detail
  • Washes easily from hands
  • Accepts paints
  • Minimal shrinkage 0-1%
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Gluten & Sulfur Free
  • 2 colors: Native & White
  • 3 sizes: 1 lb., 5 lb., 25 lb.
  • Safe & Easy To Use
  • Ages 5 & up

  1.  Remove the amount of clay you want to work with. Reseal left over clay in an air tight bag.
  2. Working time is 30-60 minutes (extended by covering project with dampened cloth or plastic to prevent continued air exposure.) *Excessive water use will cause cracking.
  3. Shape as desired by hand or with sculpting tools; sticks best to clean & textured surfaces. Poke holes for piece to piece adhesion. Smooth with a few drops of water.
  4. Dries to the touch overnight. Full cure 1-6 days depending on size & thickness of project. Allow product to dry slowly & evenly at room temperature away from heat until hardened.
  5. Clean-up with soap & water.
  6. Accepts paints, markers & sealers when dry. Carve or sand if desired.

Critter Clay™ is GHS & Prop 65 Complient:
DANGER - contains crystalline silica known to be a human carcinogen via respiratory route. *Applies only to the cured clay product when sanded or abraded in some manner to create airborne dust. Hazard Statements - H350 May cause cancer (inhalation of dust). H372 Causes damage to the lungs through prolonged and repeated exposure to dust. Product contains an ingredient that is on the CA Proposition 65 list. Critter Clay™ Conforms to Safety Standard ASTM International D4236.

Freehand Sculpting; Ceramic Prototyping; Taxidermy - mannikin building & eye setting; Create a variety of projects using traditional sculpting techniques: coiling, pinching, rolling, slabbing, texturing, impressions, and more!

*If clay in bag becomes somewhat dry: restore with a couple squirts of water, seal overnight.
*For best quality after opening store unused clay in a sealed bag & use within 14 days.
*Freeze or refrigerate product for extended shelf life.

ALL water and ceramic clay's naturally have discoloration, separation and/or mold spots. Please be aware that small spots do show up occasionally in the bags and on the clay surface. While this is an accepted industry standard we do our best to take additional steps to minimize this as much as possible. One small or even a few small spots of "mold, separation or discoloration" is perfectly normal and does not make the product bad or unusable. In our packaging processes, all pieces of clay are weighed out over the printed Net Wt amount to allow for scraping off of mold or separation. Thus, customers are receiving the full amount of the product and should simply scrape off and discard offending spots and continue to use the product as recommended.

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