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"Professional artists choose Apoxie Sculpt"

Mother Doll

Anything is possible if you have the correct tools.

Aves Apoxie Sculpt has opened many new artistic doors for me. I have been a polymer clay artist for five years and have felt restricted in my artistic visions until now. This new found product has enabled me to broaden my creative challenges. I now incorporate Apoxie Sculpt to the “exterior” sculpts on my dolls. Before, I primarily used Apoxie Sculpt on the underlying armatures for strength, but have mastered this wonderful product and use it whenever I can. It can be used alone or with polymer clays.

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"The Dragon Project"

The Dragon Project

Ignorance is bliss or something like that.

    My name is Sandi Sturgeon and I am the owner of Steel Tattoos & Body Paint.  I do custom powder coating, airbrushing, and hand engraving mainly  for the motorcycle and automotive sector.  But I will work on anything if it fits in my paint booth and powder coating oven.

    I was contacted by an individual who runs a foundry to see if I would be interested in “chrome” powder coating 5 cast aluminium dragons. The castings were 3' long by 2' wide by 2 ½' feet tall. I was told there might be some finishing to do on the castings in my shop to get them ready for powder coating.  I agreed to the job and in a short while the dragons arrived.

    A bit of finishing was an understatement.  The castings were full of holes, porosity and in some places entire sections of the design were missing.

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