Episode 404 of Make it Artsy


404 All about Brushes Michael deMeng has a project entitled “good brushes gone bad”; as discarded brushes are the actual base of strange creatures out of Apoxie Clay! Order Apoxie Clay! Brushes are the first tool for many artists or are they? Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer opens with a Vincent Van Gogh inspired painting where she…

Amazing Mandala Style Mosaic


Check out Michele Petno and her newest mosaic video course “Amazing Mandala Style Mosaic”  available at www.MosaicMadeEasy.com . Watch the video below for more details. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube station at https://www.youtube.com/c/MosaicMadeEasy for free INTROS to all classes and future courses. Watch the FREE mosaic safety video now!

Episode 312 of Make it Artsy


Debbi Simon sculpts artful household hardware drawer pulls from Apoxie Sculpt! Order Your Apoxie Sculpt! Check out Sandra Evertson transforms candlesticks into art with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and found objects. Order Your Apoxie Sculpt! Look over, under and all around for creative ideas on episode 312. It airs on the Make It Artsy website starting at noon on Friday June 15, 2018 and runs for…

Custom Action Figures


Artist: Adam Crohn Company: AC Custom Figures I make 6″ super articulated custom action figures. Mostly superhero and sci-fi related characters. I usually start with a generic base, grind it down, and sculpt it back up with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Then paint the figure. Products Used: I mostly use Aves 2 part Apoxie Sculpt. I…

The Wolf ‘London’


Artist: Debra Mager Company: Cinderella Mosaics London, named after Jack London, who wrote Call Of The Wild, was a fantastic challenge for me. I’d never done anything quite so “serious” on such a deeply textured substrate, (I used Apoxie Sculpt in black to fill in the nooks and crannies). I collaborated with the client every…

Make it Artsy – Sculpt household hardware


312 – Under and Over Look over, under and all around for creative ideas. Debbi Simon sculpts artful household hardware from clay. Candie Cooper embosses on leather and Sandra Evertson transforms candlesticks into art with clay and found objects. Jane Dunnewold talks about setting goals. Cut, emboss and paint metal on segment 308-1 with Julie…

Make it Artsy – Upcycle Vintage Bottles


Sandra Evertson upcycles vintage bottles to make trendy Boho decor in Episode 310 of Make it Artsy! 310 – Finishing Touches: Check out Sandra Evertson’s up-cycled vintage bottles to make trendy Boho decor with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Make It Artsy 300 series is scheduled to start airing on Public Television stations across the country on…

The Friends of Myl


Artist: Peter OConnor Company: Strangeblood Designs Title: the Friends of Myl Bio: Changed from metal and wood to this medium due to my new diagnosis of MS, kinda messed with my hands. Little creatures that I’ve been building that represent the many problems my MS has brought on since my Dx in Dec. ’16. Axon…