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Make it Artsy – Sculpt household hardware


312 – Under and Over

Look over, under and all around for creative ideas. Debbi Simon sculpts artful household hardware from clay. Candie Cooper embosses on leather and Sandra Evertson transforms candlesticks into art with clay and found objects. Jane Dunnewold talks about setting goals.

Cut, emboss and paint metal on segment 308-1 with Julie Fei Fan Balzer on the Make It Artsy YouTube channel.

And remember to catch Make It Artsy Series 300 now airing Fridays at 11:30 am and 5:30 pm on Create TV . Check your local listings!

Make it Artsy – Upcycle Vintage Bottles


Sandra Evertson upcycles vintage bottles to make trendy Boho decor in Episode 310 of Make it Artsy!

310 – Finishing Touches: Check out Sandra Evertson’s up-cycled vintage bottles to make trendy Boho decor with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Make It Artsy 300 series is scheduled to start airing on Public Television stations across the country on Thursday, September 28, 2017 ~ As seen on Make It Artsy!

The Friends of Myl


oconnorvertArtist: Peter OConnor
Company: Strangeblood Designs
Title: the Friends of Myl
Bio: Changed from metal and wood to this medium due to my new diagnosis of MS, kinda messed with my hands.

Little creatures that I’ve been building that represent the many problems my MS has brought on since my Dx in Dec. ’16.
Axon the Plentiful (the bunny) is my mental manic/anxiety stuff, Nore the Damaged (the donkey) gets his name from Norepinephrine and represents the depression (plus my dad loved Eeyore so…), Felo d’Se the Unpleasant  (the tentacle thing) is the nastier moods that bug me, plus I have others in progress, so many more.

View Peter’s Online Gallery

oconnor2 oconnor1

Beautiful Bezel Pendants with Lynne Simon Suprock

What a creative Apoxie Sculpt tutorial; Learn how to mix, smooth, paint, and seal Aves Apoxie Sculpt with Lynne Simon Suprock so that you can design beautiful bezel pendants. Apoxie Sculpt air dries rock hard, and has a porcelain like finish. Absolutely gorgeous color effects can be achieved when used with Alcohol Inks!

Make It Artsy 304 – Bricks Need Mortar, They Don’t Stand Alone


Hi Friends & Aves Fans! Aves Apoxie Sculpt is being featured on this super crafty show! Don’t just build it – build it better with Make It Artsy!

Don’t just build it – build it better with Make It Artsy!

Combine materials with inspiration to make contemporary art on episode 304. It airs on the Make It Artsy website starting at noon on Friday January 19, 2018 and runs for 7 days.

304 – Bricks Need Mortar – They Don’t Stand Alone

Julie Fei Fan Balzer sews and stamps fabric embellishments for book covers and more. Debbi Simon combines clay with uncommon materials to create unique 3-D pieces. Julie Fei Fan Balzer screen prints with stencils and Mary Hettmansperger adds shine to metalwork with mica.

Classes at 2018 Bead & Button Show


I hope 2018 is starting out wonderfully for you. As the days begin to get longer, perhaps you’re thinking ahead to Spring and anticipating the annual Bead&Button Show in June!

Online browsing is available now, and you can Register for your Show Badge here
FYI: Show Badge Registration is required before you can register for classes!


I have once again teamed up with wonderful sponsors (Nunn Design, Parawire, Apoxie Sculpt) and am excited to offer the following classes:

Infinity Ombre Pendant B180876 (Sponsored by Parawire, and Apoxie Sculpt)

Exotic Leather Pendant B180875 

Luxe Ring and Hoops B180874 (Sponsored by Nunn Design, and Apoxie Sculpt)

Posh Pendant and Earrings B180870 (Sponsored by Nunn Design, and Apoxie Sculpt)

Posh Pendant and Earrings B181953 2nd Session (Sponsored by Nunn Design, and Apoxie Sculpt)




Full Episode of Make it Artsy 301 – Blueprints


Don’t just build it – build it better with Make It Artsy!

Before you build, make a plan or blueprint. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer with guests Joe Rotella, Lynn Suprock and Jane Dunnewold will show you how on episode 301. It airs on the Make It Artsy website starting at noon on Friday December 29, 2017 and runs for 7 days.

Julie Fei Fan Balzer creates a scheduling journal with lots of color and style. Lynn Suprock sculpts tiny books to use as journals and jewelry. Joe Rotella builds a planner from an ordinary calendar. Jane Dunnewold talks about personal alignment.

Watch the Full Episode 301 of Make it Artsy

And remember to catch Make It Artsy Series 200 now running on CreateTV Check your local listings!

Please let everyone know so they can enjoy Make It Artsy on line.