Make it Artsy 600 Series


Picture frames into Serving Trays: Make It Artsy 600
A favorite frame becomes a beautiful serving tray with Erin Gerlach. This really unique project re-purposes wood picture frames and makes them a completely functional one of a kind piece of art. As seen on Make It Artsy! Super White Apoxie Sculpt is a great color to accent your art work, but you can use any of our Apoxie Sculpt colors to make this truly one of a kind, pick some up today:

Custom Fish Bowls & Terrariums: Make It Artsy 600
Talk about an out of the bowl idea!!! Erin Gerlach shows us how to make really cool custom fish bowl, or terrarium bowl, or …fairy garden bowl… the ideas are really endless. You can use vintage or new glass! These functional bowls are definitely countertop worthy and super fun to make!!!

6 thoughts on “Make it Artsy 600 Series

  1. l_kennel says:

    This is amazing. However, may I suggest that you have a section on your cite that allows for questions and answers? I am new to this product and have specific questions for my project.

    • Erin Gerlach says:

      you can email us anytime with questions or post them here and we would be happy to answer them for you. We are working on an Aves Blog for just this reason – hopefully soon to come!

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