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The Friends of Myl


oconnorvertArtist: Peter OConnor
Company: Strangeblood Designs
Title: the Friends of Myl
Bio: Changed from metal and wood to this medium due to my new diagnosis of MS, kinda messed with my hands.

Little creatures that I’ve been building that represent the many problems my MS has brought on since my Dx in Dec. ’16.
Axon the Plentiful (the bunny) is my mental manic/anxiety stuff, Nore the Damaged (the donkey) gets his name from Norepinephrine and represents the depression (plus my dad loved Eeyore so…), Felo d’Se the Unpleasant  (the tentacle thing) is the nastier moods that bug me, plus I have others in progress, so many more.

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Beautiful Bezel Pendants with Lynne Simon Suprock

What a creative Apoxie Sculpt tutorial; Learn how to mix, smooth, paint, and seal Aves Apoxie Sculpt with Lynne Simon Suprock so that you can design beautiful bezel pendants. Apoxie Sculpt air dries rock hard, and has a porcelain like finish. Absolutely gorgeous color effects can be achieved when used with Alcohol Inks!