Gourd Embellishment


Aves Apoxie Sculpt

How to embellish a gourd…OH MY!

by Sherry Goshon


1lb of Black Aves Apoxie Sculpt
Clean Gourd
Sculpting tool or tooth pick
The end of a paint brush
Brown leather dye
Black spray paint
Acrylic paints…red, purple and green
Gold rub and buff
Green rub and buff
Small sponge
Paint brush

Please read thru all instructions before beginning….

You may want to draw where your vines are going to be…I just free style it… however some people are a bit nervous so use a pencil so you can erase… I know you don’t… I do…(smile)

Aves Apoxie Sculpt is a two-part clay…you mix in equal parts

From each container get one – 1 inch ball (of part A and part B)

Mix well by kneading them together it takes about 2 minutes…you have approx 1 hour to work with it…however it take 3 hours to dry it just gets a bit harder to sculpt with after 1 hour, or that is what I have found…I also have found that the colored isn’t as sticky as the white…you can work with the Apoxie using water on your fingers…

when it is mixed really well…set it on something like tin foil or something plastic…Apoxie does stick to everything…(smile)

Pinch off a piece about the size of a big marble… roll this into a thin snake about 1/8” to 1/4”

Put the snake on the top of the gourd… I like to do this as it gives the gourd a more clean, finished look…

Squeeze the snake ends together to make a nice ring, smoothing into the inside so it will stay when dry

Now you are ready to begin your design

Making more snakes you will lay these on the gourds to make vines… either free forming or following the lines you drew

I put several pieces of vine on for placement…

I use my sculpting tool and make little lines in the vine… it give it a more realistic look but also makes it stick to the gourd

I keep adding vines till I think I have enough…you can always add more once the flowers and leaves are on if you think you need more…

Now for the leaves…make little tear drop shape piece about 1/2” long and about 1/8” thick

Lay tear drop shape on gourd with the point out…these are your leaves…

With sculpting tool pull or make a line down the center… starting at the top and pulling toward the point…

Now make the lines or veins in the leaves… going from center out with a downward slant…

Add more leaves and repeat process till you have enough leaves….

Also remember that you will have to make lots of batches of the mixed Apoxie , it’s best to work in smaller amounts till you can use it all up in the allotted time….

I make little berries of sorts…roll little tiny balls…smaller then a pea

Place the balls in area where you would like them…one or more together… then with the end of the paint brush push in the center… it gives them depth and helps them stick in place…

I usually put either one or three…they say nature isn’t even…

Now you are going to make roses…I make a short fat snake about 1 long and 1/4” thick

Flatten out the snake…you may have to wet your fingers as this is when it likes to stick…the thinner the better or more delicate the flower…

Now start to roll the strip up almost like a cinnamon roll But not as tight…

Place the roses here and there…I press a toothpick in the center so that they are secure…

As you see I went back and added more vines, leaves etc…

I went about 1/2 ways down from the top….let dry

I painted the bottom half of the gourd with brown leather dye… sponging it on for a more uneven look…

I spray painted the inside of the gourd black and then the upper half Over some of the leaves letting the over spray lightly drift down… you don’t want a line where the two colors come together…

With a small sponge I sponged the roses red…the berries purple…and the leaves green… Then I used rub and buff green and lightly rubbed over the leaves…then I went back and lightly rubbed everything with a bit of antique gold rub and buff….

I have made a little sort of hook out of Aves Apoxie Sculpt because I new I wanted to put a tassel on it…this of course is up to your taste… I hope you have fun and enjoy Apoxie Sculpt as much as I do…

Love Sherry

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